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Yoga for Beginners

Are you curious about yoga but worried that you are not                  
flexible or fit enough to take a yoga class?
Do you feel stress or fatigue a lot and wish you had a way to calm
your mind and relax?
Do you want to feel better? Do you think it’s time to take a better
care of yourself?

This is a series of 6 gentle and safe beginner
classes in which I will introduce you to the
practice of yoga.
I’m Irina Isayeva. I’ve been teaching beginners
for eight years. I love working with beginners
because I feel so delighted seeing the changes
that come to them and the joy and happiness
they get once they learn these simple tools for
being more peaceful.

In this beginner class you will:
* Gain confidence in your ability to practice basic yoga poses.
* Feel better knowing you finally are taking care of your own health.
* Get fewer colds and flus this year because you are strengthening
your immune system.
* develop strength and flexibility in a safe way.

Next class series will start when the group is formed.
       Cost: $70 for 6 classes
If you want to start doing Yoga or come back to Yoga, please send
email to:
For Better Bodies, Healthier and Happier Life!
Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center
Greenville, Mississippi